Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas

Honoring the brave veterans who served our nation during the Vietnam War. This is a community built to honor and support the families of veterans.


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Learn about the history of the Vietnam War and how the events unraveled for our brave veterans. Collection of war tales and biographies of soldiers available here.

Constitution By Laws
Constitution By Laws

We have programs for the families of veterans to create awareness of their rights and privileges.

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Government Affairs
Government Affairs

Stay up to date with the latest political news to learn about the changes in the privileges and facilities.

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Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee

Meet our nominating community of veterans who conduct the seasonal meets and events for all veterans in Texas.

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We take responsibility for helping our veteran soldiers with any legal and public matters. We assure that they receive the best assistance for all their problems.

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Veterans Of Foreign Wars

Honoring the veterans who are with us today after serving the army in the most gruesome wars in world history.

Veterans Services Staff
Veterans Services Staff

We have a team of volunteers and community workers who assist veterans and their families. While they enjoy the ceremonies, we make sure that they

Veterans Services Staff
Veterans Donation
Veterans Donation

We are a non-profit organization. We organize a donation camp every season to build the right infrastructure for the veteran quarters. All our donation amount

Veterans Donation
Financial Supports
Financial Supports

Our community makes sure that any Vietnam War veteran that is in need of financial support get the best solutions possible. We provide immediate processing

Financial Supports

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Finding A New Career As A Veteran

For some veterans, it can be hard trying to find a new career path or even just a job. Some employers may be hesitant in hiring a veteran but shouldn’t be. In fact, veterans often make some of the best employees because they are usually cross-trained and have multiple strengths & skills. They also work well with a team, have experience with various tasks & responsibilities, and a sense of pride in the line of duty. That being said, what are some of the best jobs for veterans who are looking to branch out a little in their chosen career field

Paint Protection Expert – Vinyl wraps and paint protection film have become popular services in the vehicle enhancement & paint protection industry. Rick a paint protection film installation expert with, says that the job can be tedious and require a lot of precision and skill. As of now he has 3 veterans that work with him at his shop in Texas and says that they are 3 of his best employees. They take their time but they are efficient & also handle time management well. 

HVAC Technician – Many veterans have extensive experience in fixing different types of machines and units. Going into the field of heater & air conditioning system repair is another great job path for veterans. The pay is good, and those applying are within their element. Working with their hands and the mechanical aspects of machines could just be what some veterans are looking for.

Heavy Machine Operator – While this is not a job that suits all veterans, especially those who are suffering from PTSD, some really enjoy being in the field & operating machinery. While the loud noises and constant chaos can be too much for some, other veterans have found themselves going down a perfect career path for themselves that they really enjoy.

While these are just a few potential jobs or career paths for veterans there are a lot more options and opportunities available. Should you be looking for a job after active duty but are not sure where or how to start you can also seek the help of a veteran job recruitment center. There are also Veteran job fairs that take place & so many other resources that can be utilized to help find the right job for you or the veteran in your life. 

The Benefits of Joining The Military

When it comes to joining the military there are many different reasons people decide to enlist. Whatever the reason may be, most people look to join the military and they choose the branch they join for their own personal reasons. That being said, the decision to serve in the armed forces some decide without a doubt instantly while others are left weighing their options & the pros and cons of joining. Not only does enlisting in the military give you a sense of honor and pride, but you are also selflessly serving your country and helping to keep it the Land of The Free! But there are many more benefits that come with joining the military than just that! 

Benefits of Joining The Military

  • Guaranteed Paycheck & Cash Bonuses Available
  • Excellent Education Benefits
  • Acquire Advanced/Specialty Training & Skills
  • 30 Day Paid Vacation – Annually
  • The Ability To Travel The World
  • Full/Part-Time Service Options
  • Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Ability To Utilize Military Exchange & Commissary
  • Special Home Loans & Discounts 
  • Sense of Civil Duty, Honor & Patriotism
  • Highly Sought After Leadership Skills

The military provides enlistment bonuses, advanced enlistment pay opportunities, and special pay in addition to your base salary. With exceptional educational benefits, the military can help you pay for college and pay off school loans. The Forever GI Bill also is in place to help further enhance the educational benefits for veterans, servicemen, families, and survivors. 

Housing, room & board are also benefits that come with joining the military. While the housing does vary by rank, location, and family situation, all new recruits are able to live on base during basic training. From there servicemen and their families are offered modern housing in on-base housing communities. 

All in all, there are many great benefits that come with joining the military. Should you be looking to gather more information or speak to a recruitment officer it is best to find the nearest recruitment center near you. Talking with a skilled military professional may just help give you the insight you need into making the decision to become a part of the armed forces.


Veteran Survivor Benefits Explained

Many veterans and their dependents look to different resources to help them understand the Veterans Survivor Pension. This pension is set up to provide veterans & their dependents such as spouses & unmarried dependent children of wartime veterans with monthly payments to provide extra income. There are many stipulations & different criteria put in place to make sure that survivor benefits are not just given to anyone. These guidelines include:


  1. Veteran must have entered active duty on or before September 7th, 1980, and served at least 90 days of active duty with at least one day being during a wartime period.
  2. Veteran must have entered active duty after September 7th, 1980, and served at least 24 months or a full period of called to order duty with at least one day being during a wartime period. 
  3. The veteran was an officer and started active duty after October 16th, 1981, and hadn’t previously served on active duty for 24 months after that.
  4. The veteran did not have a dishonorable discharge and at least one of the above service requirements was met by the veteran. 

Sometimes understanding the fine print and exact requirements to receive your Veterans survivor pension can be somewhat cloudy and hard to understand. It is highly suggested that should you be having trouble or are looking to learn more about the requirements, your rights & the steps it takes to start receiving veterans survivor benefits that you contact your local veteran’s association and request the help of an experienced individual. You can also research different things on the web, but it is always nice to have a live person to speak with regarding any questions you may have.

 Check out this informational video on The Veterans Survivor Pension & Benefits:

Hydrotherapy For Veterans

As we discussed in our previous article, PTSD can affect people differently. It can also be seen in different symptoms and can be triggered in different ways. Understanding the veteran in your life and the way they suffer from PTSD can make all the difference when looking for therapy and relief.  Combat veterans come up against different risk factors when deploying and may develop PTSD, come in contact with different toxic chemicals, or even get severely hurt in the line of duty. Understanding the best way to treat their symptoms and ailments can really make a difference. Hydrotherapy, a long-used health remedy, can often help combat veterans in many different ways!

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a long-used remedy to help ease common health issues by submerging the body in either a body of cold/hot water, depending on the ailment being treated. Heat tends to be the most common because it aids in the relief of many issues & provides incredible relaxation for tired muscles and minds. The buoyancy of the water helps to alleviate pressure and impact on sore joints, muscles, and bones. Hydrotherapy is recommended for 3 different common health issues in veterans And retail hot tub businesses, like, remote the sale of used hot tubs to lower the cost of securing a hydrotherapy tub and to help any veteran looking to find relief and relaxation.

Hydrotherapy – To Relieve 3 Common Veteran Health Issues

?Physical Pain – Many veterans suffer from physical pain due to being in the line of duty or being involved in some kind of accident. Many suffer from pain in their backs, shoulders, knees, etc. and their pain is chronic pain. Hydrotherapy helps increase blood flow and ease sore muscles, while buoyancy reduces weight and pressure. 

?Chemical Exposure – Many veterans also suffer long term effects from chemical exposure. One chemical in particular that veterans are often exposed to can cause heart and nerve damage. A minimum of 30 minutes of hydrotherapy helps to ease symptoms related to chemical exposure in veterans. 

?PTSD – the statistics state that 1 in 10 combat veterans will have developed PTSD after active duty. Hydrotherapy helps with relaxation and easing tension. The buoyancy of the water produces calming effects and can help to ease and calm the mind

Hydrotherapy is an all-natural way to help with many different pain and health-related issues in veterans and many other people. Should you be looking to try Hydrotherapy as a way of helping the veteran in your life, speak with your doctor and even veteran organizations in your area. They can often point you in the wy of hydrotherapy professionals. And if buying your own hot tub you may set up a hydrotherapy space in your home, but we encourage you to work with a professional on the proper techniques and safety measures.   



Understanding PTSD In Veterans

PTSD can affect a multitude of different people who have suffered a traumatic event or experience. From children to war veterans PTSD does not discriminate but it does affect people differently. With combat military personnel there are many risk factors that can contribute to developing PTSD after combat. Researchers have worked hard to identify these risk factors to not only understand more about PTSD but also to hopefully help cure or even prevent PTSD.

Risk Factors Of Developing PTSD AS A Combat Veteran

✅Previous Exposure To Adverse Life Effects
✅Witness To Injury or Death
✅Military Rank/Branch of Service
✅Gender (females tend to exhibit more symptoms of PTSD)
✅Deployment Stressors
✅Level of Education

There are normally 4 types of PTSD symptoms that may be exhibited depending on the person. These symptoms are not the exact same for everyone and everyone experiences PTSD in their own way. That is why it is very important to not assume that everyone suffering from PTSD should be treated in the same manner. To really help a combat veteran or anyone suffering from PTSD you must understand and treat each person on an individual basis to see positive and lasting results. Some may experience symptoms shortly after the traumatic event, while another person may take a while longer to begin to display symptoms.

4 Symptoms of PTSD

✅Reliving/Flashbacks of The Event
✅Easily Irritated/Jumpy or Distracted/Absent
✅Upset By Reminders/Triggers

Getting outside help for both you and the person suffering from PTSD or PTSD like symptoms is the best thing you can do. First, take time to notice and understand the person’s behavior and things that seem to trigger the worst symptoms. Understanding the person can help you to decide the best course of therapy for the individual. And remember you are not alone, there are many Veteran organizations throughout the world that are there to help!

Vietnam Veterans

24 Things To Know When Visiting Vietnam Veterans

Veterans are the national heritage of a country, and Vietnam veterans are one such example who led the path for our future generations to follow. They have led their life by example and in the finest manner.


The memorial wall is a wall that is made of granite with the V-shaped wall. It has the names of 58,000 men, and women who were either missing in action or killed during the wall.


There were over 14,00 submissions, but American architect Maya Lin’s design was chosen.



It was dedicated to the Veterans on the Veterans day of 1982, and since then it has become a national heritage.


Initially, the wall had names of 57, 939, but over the years there has been an addition to the name, and it has jumped to 58,282.


It has 70 separate panels that make up the walls of the V shape.

One end of the memorial wall points toward the Washington Monument, while the other points to the Lincoln Memorial.


The Memorial was formed to acknowledge the sacrifices of those who served in the Vietnam war.


It was founded by Jan Scruggs who served in Vietnam in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade.


The walls that contain more than 58,000 names are 200 feet.


The names are in their chronological order, and end with the origin or center where the two walls meet.


The walls meet to form a circle that signifies the completion of the war.


The visitors can see their reflection in the granite walls that connect to the lives that were lost.


Three Servicemen statue:

The statue was unveiled on the Veterans day of 1984.


It shows the ones who returned from the war by honoring them standing and keeping a watch over the wall.


Some colorations were given by Artist Fredrick hart with the help patina.


The servicemen are seven feet tall upon a one-foot tall base.


The three figures represent a Hispanic, an African American, and a Caucasian man, this is done to represent the ethnic groups that participated in the war.


There is a Vietnam Women’s Memorial statue that was opened to the public on Veterans day of 1993.

Diane Carlson


Diane Carlson is the former nurse that led the efforts which finally recognized the 11,000 women who volunteered for the war.


Evans is credited to be the first woman in US history who led an effort to create a national monument in DC.

Wounded soldier:

The bandage on the wounded soldier’s face is supposed to make the visitors feel they are him, and picture the care that women provided

Memory Plaque:

It was added to the memorial site on Veterans day of 2004.

  • It is surrounding The Three Servicemen statue.
  • This is to honor the soldiers whose lives were cut short due to service in the war but were not eligible for the inscription on the wall.
  • The causes of death included PTSD related, Hodgkin’s and Parkinson’s’, exposure to chemicals and cancer.


Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the sites that honor, and preserves the sacrifices made by the brave military men in the Vietnam way. It is an important place to learn and educate oneself about it.