Farwell to a Great Friend
Lucio G. Moreno
VVAFT Board Member
May 19, 1950 - February 23, 2009
Welcome Home
When I am gone, release me, and let me go.
I have so many things to see and do.
Be happy that we had so many years.
You can only guess how much you gave to
me in happiness.
I thank you for the friendship you each have
shown, but now its time I travel on alone.
It's only for a while that we must part.
And then when you must come this way
I'll greet you with a smile and
"Welcome Home"

Lucio was the VVA Chapter 574 President
for 15 of the 19 years that Chapter 574
has been in existence. He has been a board
member of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance
Foundation for approximately 10 years.
Memorial Service for Lucio Moreno Sunday, May 24, 2009
At the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Angel Fire, New Mexico
New Mexico Vietnam Veterans State Park
Chapter Member Lee Roy
Lucero (Native American)
preparing to conduct a Native
American Ceremony for Lucio
Photo by Jim W. Boyd
Front Center: Susie Moreno
(daughter) & AVVA Chapter
574 member, Mike Moreno
(brother), grandchild & Lucio
Jr. (son).
Photo by Jim W. Boyd
Family, Friends & VVA Chapter 574 member traveled from El
Paso, Texas to Angel Fire, New Mexico for Lucio's Memorial
and for Memorial Day 2009 at the Vietnam Veterans
Photo by Jim W Boyd
VVA Chapter 574
Color Guard
Photo Jim W. Boyd
Front Center: Susie Moreno
(daughter), Lupe Moreno
Photo by Jim W. Boyd
Lucio at various VVAFT Board Meetings
& Texas State Council Meetings
Lucio's last Texas State Council Meeting in Tyler, Texas Feb 20-22, 2009
He passed away on Monday, February 23, 2009

Most of Photos by Marvin Lockhart or Jim W. Boyd
    It was Lucio's wish to have his
    body cremated and his remains
    scattered at the Vietnam
    Memorial in Angel Fire, New
    Mexico. He and Chapter 574
    members have been making the
    annual journey to the memorial
    for the past 18 years on Memorial
    Day. His remains was  placed at
    the Memorial on Sunday, May 24,
    2009 and a tree was planted in
    his name by family & VVA Chapter
    574 members.
    I have known Lucio for the past 19 years. We served at the same place at one time during the Vietnam War although we did not kow each
    other at that time. (LZ Stud as we Marines called it officially known as Vandergriff Combat Base). We first met at the
    El Paso Vet Center for the first time when we were forming VVA Chapter 574 back in 1990 and we became very good friends. We spent a lot
    of time together both at chapter meetings, in my home discussing our experiences in Vietnam and the future of Chapter 574, camping and
    at the first Vietnam Memorial at Angel Fire,New Mexico. When I convinced Lucio to run for the position of president of the chapter after three
    turbulent years of existence it was his desire and purpose to make the chapter the largest and most active in the state of Texas. There
    were about 30+ members when he took over the chapter and the chapter is now the largest in Texas with 224 VVA members and 16 AVVA
    members. Lucio was an individual who knew how to take charge, a very good leader and how to get things done for the chapter and the
    community. He was an inspiration to everyone and his death will be a loss to us all. It was an honor to have served with him both as a
    chapter officer, chapter member and as a member of the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas. I was lucky as we were able
    to spend part of his last 4 days together at the Friday afternoon Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation Board meeting, the Saturday
    Texas State Council meeting and after the TSC Banquet a group of us gathered in his room to visit. On n Sunday morning at a restaurant in
    Canton, Texas when we were both on our way home from the meetings. He passed away on Monday and I will miss my good friend, fellow
    Marine and Vietnam Veteran.    Semper Fi Lucio.  You are now guarding the streets of Heaven
    Jim W. Boyd / VVAFT Treasurer / VVA Texas State Council Secretary
    Life member of VVA Chapter 574

    The following photos of Lucio Moreno that I or others have taken over the past 19 years is IN HIS MEMORY
Lucio Moreno, Chapter 574
President & Jim Rose,
Chapter 685 President
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Dennis Thomas (VVAFT
Board Member & VP
Chapter 404 Borger) &
Lucio Moreno, (VVAFT
Board Member &
President VVA Chapter
574 El Paso) enjoying
snacks in the hospitality
room hosted by VVA
Chapter 932 Tyler
Lucio supervising Victor
Flores (574 VP) setting up
the POW/MIA Table for the
Tyler TSC Meeting.
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Lucio Moreno (Chapter
574 President) & Don
Kennedy (TSC Vice
President -"The Croc") at
the Saturday night
banquet-Live auction
Marvin Lockhart, TVVN
Asst. Editor - TVVN
Photographer & Lucio
VVA Chapter 932
Hospitality Room
Friday - Feb. 20, 2009
L-R: facing Bill Meeks
(VVAFT President). Lucio
Moreno (VVAFT BoD), &
Victor Flores (VVA Chapter
574 Vice President)
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Lupe Moreno (AVVA
Chapter 574), Lucio
Moreno (Chapter 574
President), & Victor
Flores (Chapter 574 VP)
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Saturday night Banquet -
TSC Live Auction-Theme
Peter Pan. TSC President
Buster Newberry (tinker
Bell), Victor Flores
(Chapter 574 VP), &
Lucio Moreno (Chapter
574 President)
VVAFT Board Meeting in Denton
-June 2008
L-R: Buster Newberry, Lucio
Moreno, Herschel Carmichael,
Hal Thompson, Dennis Thomas,
Bill Meeks
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Texas State Council Meeting
Lucio Moreno & Tony Chavira
(Chapter 574 delegate)
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Texas State Council
Meeting in Tyler
February 21, 2009
Chapter 574 Delegates
Victor Flores (VP &
delegate),  Lucio
Moreno (President),
& Humberto Nevarez
A Texas State Council Meeting
Saturday nigh banquet in Denton
Front left: Victor Flores, Lucio
Moreno, Chon Pena, unknown
person, & Tony Chavira
Photo Marvin Lockhart
Texas State Council Meeting
El Paso, Texas - June 2007
Opening Ceremony Texas State
Council Meeting in El Paso
"Welcome Home"
Sgt. Dan Cook
Certificate of Appreciation
was presented to Sgt Dan Cook
who just returned from Iraq - by
Victor Flores & Lucio Moreno
Texas State Council's
"Chapter Newsletter of the Year"
Jim Boyd, "Texas Vietnam Veterans
News" Editor presenting the award
to Lucio
Region 7 Veteran of the Year
Allen Manuel, VVA Region 7 Director
presenting the award to Lucio
"Welcome Home Sgt. Dan Cook"
VVA Chapter 574 has been welcoming home Fort Bliss troops when they return from their tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan at their chapter meetings. The VVA National Treasurer Alan Cook's
son was stationed at Fort Bliss and was an honored guest at the Texas State Council's Awards Banquet. He had just returned from a tour in Iraq.
TSC "Chapter Newsletter of the Year"
There was a tie for 1st place between
Chapter 574's "Charlie Mike" & "Chapter
353's "The Warrior"
Photo Jim W. Boyd
TSC Meeting Beaumont
Rick Palmoares & Lucio
Photo Jim W. Boyd
TSC Meeting
Manuel Carlos (former
VVAFT Board member) &
Lucio Moreno
Chapter 574's Annual Memorial Day Trips to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire, New Mexico
Photos below taken over 19 years of the annual journey from El Paso to Angel Fire
Photos by Jim W. Boyd
Memorial Day 2008
Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire
in the only Vietnam Veterans State Park
Chapter 574 and the State Park hosted the Memorial Day event.  
Photo by Jim W. Boyd
VVA Chapter 574 members presenting Doc Victor Westphall
with a 3-Man Statue Jacket a couple of years before Doc
passed away
Tent City at Angel Fire
Lucio & several 574 members
Photo Jim W Boyd
Angel Fire
Chapter 574's Color Guard
Photo Jim W. Boyd
Doc Westphall & Lucio Moreno with Lucio's
Marine Corps painted pickup truck
Chapter 574 meetings in El Paso and other events
Several Chapter 574 meetings
Chapter 574 invites soldiers from Fort Hood to their
meetings and presents them with Certificates of
Appreciation for their service in Iraq or Afghanistan
Photos by Jim W. Boyd
Chapter 574's Annual Picnic
L-R: LeRoy Lucero, Lucio
Moreno, and Myron Peterson
(Chapter 404 Borger)
Photo Jim W. Boyd
El Paso's "Welcome Home
Parade" for Fort Bliss units
returning from Irag
L-R: Dennis Thomas,
Denise Thomas, Victor
Flores & Lucio Moreno
Waiting of results of AVVA Texas
State Council Elections
Lucio Moreno, Bill Meeks, and
Gina Mathews (AVVA Chapter 685)
"Forgottten Heroes"
Lucio asked Chapter 574 members
Robert & Rebecca Smith to created a
song about Angel Fire in 2008 when they
were up there for Memorial Day.
Lucio never got to hear the final version
of the song. It was first performed in
public at Lucio's Rosary in February