Sharon Hobbs
Joanna Henshaw
Kathy Andras
    President Lynn Kennedy
    P.O. Box 1182
    Phone: 254-947-0050
    AVVA Member Chapter 1000 Killeen
    Vice President
    Percilla Newberry
    100 Elmwood
    Fritch, Texas 79036
    Home: 806-857-0409
    Cell: 806-274-1641
    AVVA Member Chapter 404

    Martha Brown
    15200 CR 285
    Tyler, TX 75707-6914
    AVVA Member Chapter 932 Tyler
    Gina Mathews
    AVVA Life Member Chapter 278 Beaumont
    Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America is a national, nonprofit membership and service organization  dedicated to  advancing  
    the  full  range  of  issues  affecting  Vietnam  veterans,  their  families, and their communities.  Their members are families, friends,
    and supporters of Vietnam veterans, as well as veterans of other eras.  

    AVVA is affiliated with Vietnam Veterans of America, the nation's leading Vietnam veterans organization.  Together, we work to
    ensure that Vietnam veterans get the honor, respect, and benefits they deserve.   

    AVVA brings an additional focus on those who stayed behind when our men and women in uniform answered the call to service.  
    This is the extended family that makes up the Vietnam experience - the parents, spouses, children, friends, and communities of

    AVVA is the place for this extended family to join together for action, healing, reconciliation, mutual  support, and fellowship.  
    AVVA members can affiliate with any of the Texas VVA's 35 Chapters, joining in outreach and assistance to veterans, legislative  
    action, community service, and social activities.

    For a Membership Application go to the VVAFT Links page and click on the AVVA Link and designate a local chapter on the
    applications before you submit it to AVVA National.
Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. [AVVA]
AVVA Texas State Council, Inc. a 501 (C) (4) organization
Project A.M.I.G.O
Chair Lynn Kennedy
AVVA State President.
Co-Chair Nancy Smith - AVVA 137 Dallas

Election Committee & Membership
Chair - Rose Peterson
AVVA Life Member Chapter 404 Borger
E-mail: <

Fund Raising Committee
Chair Merle Morris
AVVA Member Chapter 278 Texarkana
Life Member of AVVA
    This web page is not the official web page for the AVVA Texas State Council  it is provide to the AVVA
    Texas State Council free of charge as a service to the AVVA Texas State Council, it's member Chapters
    and Texas AVVA members by the Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas.
AVVA Region 7 Director
Percilla Newberry
E-mail: pnewberry
Policy & Procedure Committee
Chair-Percilla Newberry
AVVA Life Member Chapter 404

Seminar Committee
Chair-Lynda Greene
AVVA Chapter 734 Conroe

VVA Advisor
Bill Smith
AVVA Texas State Council
Vice President
Cathy Keister
L-R: Secretary Martha Brown, Treasurer Gina Mathews, Vice
President Percilla Newberry & President Lynn Kennedy