Vietnam Veterans of America [VVA] was founded in 1978. It's Congressional Charter was  granted in 1986, and it remains the only
veteran's service organization exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans who served in uniform during the nation's longest and
most divisive war and their families.  VVA and the Texas State Council are organized as a not-for-profit veterans organization and
are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(19) of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Seek full access to quality health care for veterans
  • Hold government agencies accountable for following laws mandating veterans health care which involves hard-hitting work on Capitol Hill & in
  • Seek the fullest possible accounting of America"s POW/MIAs
  • Support the next generation of America"s war veterans
  • Community involvement and networking
  • Programs targeted to help veterans & their families
  • Free VVA representation in VA Claims cases
  • VVA informational and self-help guides
  • An award-winning National Magazine (The Veteran)
  • An award-winning State Newspaper (The Texas Vietnam Veterans News)(2000-2002 & 2003 "VVA State Newspaper of the Year")
  • Membership is open to anyone who served on active duty in the U.S.  Armed Forces between Feb. 28, 1961and May 7, 1975 (In-Country) OR
    between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975 (For Vietnam-era veterans).                   A Copy of your DD-214 is required for membership
  • (AVVA is a national non-profit membership service organization a 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code, working    
John Rowan
8605 Cameron Street - Ste 400
Silver Springs, MD 20910
Phone: 800-VVA-1316

Vice President
Marsha Four
8605 Cameron Street - Ste 400
Silver Springs, MD 20910
Phone: 800-VVA-1316
Bill Meeks, Jr.   
8605 Cameron Street - Ste 400
Silver Springs, MD 20910
Phone: 800-VVA-1316
Wayne Reynolds  
8605 Cameron Street - Ste 400
Silver Springs, MD 20910
Phone: 800-VVA-1316

Dottie Barickman

Richard DeLong

Charlie Hobbs

Joe Kristek

Felix (Pete) Petersn

Dave Simmons

Kerwin Stone

Sandie Wilson

Jerry Yamamoto

    Region I - John Miner
(Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island
, Connecticut)

Region 2- Ted Wilkinson
(New York, Pennslvania, New Jersey, Delaware)

Region 3 - Sara McVickers
(West Virginia, Virgina, North Carolina,
South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland,
District of Columbia)

Region 4 -Craig Tonjes
(Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,
Puerto Rico, Virgin, Islands)

Region 5 - Tom Burke
(Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois)

Region 6 - Mike Demske
(Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska,
South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin)

Region 7 - Dennis Andras  
(Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma)

Region 8 - Ron Morgan
(Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon,
Washington, Alaska

Region 9 - Dick Southern-CA
(Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California,
Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, Guam, Philippines
What Does VVA Offer You
VVA At-Large Directors
VVA Regional Directors

    Alabama - Wayne Reynolds
    Alaska - Richard Davidge
    Arizona - William Messer
    Arkansas - Jim Bryant
    California - Bob Johnson
    Colorado - Rhy Paris
    Connecticut - BillieCulin
    Delaware - Robert Corsa
    Florida - Jerry Klein
    Georgia - Wayne Watkins
    Idaho - Robert Seal
    Illinois - Al Huber
    Indiana - Pat Bressigno
    Iowa - John Bishop
    Iowa - Raymond Hutchinson
    Kansas - Ron Zink
    Kentucky -Darrell Martin
    Louisiana - Dennis Andras
    Maine - John Wallace
    Maryland - Thomas Insley
    Massachusetts - Marshall
    Michigan - Ken Diegal
    Minnesota - Maynard Laderlik
    Mississippi - Rex Moody
    Missouri - George Newell

Montana - Beverly Stewart
ebraska - Dottie Barickman
Nevada - Ken Braker
New Hampshire - Raymond Goulet
New Jersey - Herb Worthington
New Mexico - Frank Ramierz
New York - Ned Foote
North Carolina - Joe Kristek
North Dakota - Dan Stenvold
Ohio - Thomas Burke
Oklahoma - Nate Washington
Oregon - Fransis Rowan
Pennsylvania - Jeffery White
Rhode Island - John Weiss
South Carolina - Avery Taylor
Tennessee -Charlie Hobbs
Texas - Luther Newberry
Vermont - John Miner
Virgina - Charlie Montgomery
Washington - Billy Robbins
West Virginia - Dave Simmons
Wisconsin - Mike Demske

Puerto Rico - Jorge Pedroza
President Conference of State Presidents
Charlie Montgomery
VVA State Council Presidents
VVA National Chaplain - Father Phil Salois, M.S.
VVA National Sgt-At-Arms - Grant Coates
Vietnam Veterans of America
Texas State Council
This web page is a sub domain provided by VVAFT as a service to the VVA Texas State Council & Texas VVA
Chapters and their membership. It is currently the OFFICIAL Website of VVA TEXAS STATE COUNCIL
This NOT the official website of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. The link to their official website is located on
the VVAFT Links Page.
VVA Texas State Council is comprised of 37 member chapters in the State of Texas. Organized in the early 1980's
as a non-profit veterans service organization under Vietnam Veterans of America and Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(19)
as a result any donations to the State Council are tax exempt.
VVA Texas State Council Meetings 2016-2017
VVA TSC Meeting April 2016, Hosted by VVA Chapter 898 Victoria, Texas
VVA TSC Meeting October 14-16, 2015, Hosted by VVA Chapter 1000, Killeen, Texas
VVA TSC Meeting April 2017, Hosted by VVA Chapter 137, Dallas, Texas

  •  Constitution/State By-Laws: Bill Meeks, Chair (VVA Chapter 343 Houston / VVA National Secretary)
  •  ETABO: Al Navarro, Chair (VVA Chapter 343 Houston)
  •  Finance: Don Kennedy, Chair (VVA Chapter 1000 Killeen)
  •  Finance Review Committee:  Don Mathews, Chair (VVA Chapter 379 Big Spring)
  •  Government Affairs: John Miterko, Chair (VVA Chapter 915 Austin)
  •  Membership Affairs: Jim W. Boyd, Chair (VVA TSC Treasurer / Chapter 137 Treasurer)
  •  Minority Affairs: Paul Washington, Chair (VVA Chapter 343 Houston)
  •  Election Committee: Greg Beck, Chair (VVA Chapter 278 Texarkana)
  •  POW/MIA: Greg Beck, Chair (VVA Chapter 278 Texarkana)
  •  PTSD: Joe Boatman (VVA Chapter 915 Austin)
  •  Public Affairs: S. J. (Buddy) Farina, Chair (VVA Chapter 685 Galveston)
    Special Advisor: Sandra Womack (AVVA Chapter 292 Beaumont)
  •  Scholarship: Don Kennedy, Chair (VVA TSC Vice President / Chapter 1000 Killeen/Fort Hood)
    Special Advisor: Percilla Newberry (AVVA  Chapter 404 Borger)
  •  State Agent Orange Coordinator: Don Kennedy (VVA Chapter 1000 Killeen)
  •  State Legislative Coordinator: John Miterko (VVA Chapter 915 Austin)
  •  State Homeless Veterans Coordinator: Greg Beck (VVA Chapter 278 Texarkana)
  •  TSC Chapter Start-up Coordinator: Don Kennedy (VVA TSC Vice President & Chapter 1000 Killeen)
  •  Veterans Benefits: John Cook (VVA Chapter 137 Dallas)  
  •  Veterans Incarcerated: Robert Shand (VVA Chapter 898 Victoria)
  •  Women Veterans: Marlene Foust (VVA Chapter 932 Tyler)
    Special Ad Hoc Committees
  •  Chapter Subsidy Fund/Silent Auction: Special Advisors: Lynn Kennedy (AVVA Chapter 1000) & Gina Mathews (AVVA Chapter 685)
  •  Live Auction: Special Advisor - Percilla Newberry (AVVA State Council Vice President & AVVA Chapter 404)
  •  TSC Project Amigo: Marilyn Rose (AVVA State Council President )     

"Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another"
As the leading Vietnam veterans advocate. VVA provides assistance in securing benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs
through the  VVA  Accredited  Veterans  Service Representatives.  VVA also plays an active role in government relations advocacy at
the federal and state levels to improve benefits and services available to our nation's veterans.
    Luther (Buster) Newberry
    P.O. Box 1860
    Fritch, Texas 79036-1860
    Phone: 806-857-0409
    Fax: 806-857-2261

    Vice President
    Kerwin Stone
    PO Box 3891
    Beaumont, Texas 77707-3891
    Phone: 409-755-0300

    Humberto Nevarez
    PO Box 292410
     El Paso, Texas 79929-2410
     Phone: 915-790-0457

    Jim W Boyd
    PO Box 330245
    Ft Worth, Texas 76163-0245
    Phone: 817-691-5577
L-R: Jim W Boyd-Treasurer, Buster Newberry - President
Kerwin Stone-Vice President, Humberto Nevarez -Secretary
VVA National Secretary Bill Meeks, Jr. swearing in the newly elected
officers for term of office 2016-2018