VVAFT Board meetings are held in conjunction with the Vietnam Veterans of America - Texas State Council Meeting   
    The VVAFT Board meets Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. & the Texas State Council meets on Saturday from 9 am - 5:00 pm.
    All VVAFT Board members are members of Vietnam Veterans of America and serve in various positions within VVA and
    the VVA Texas State Council (TSC )at either the chapter, state or national level.
Board of Directors Meeting - Photos by  Susie Moreno - Texas VV News Assistant Editor & Photographer
Front Row (L-R): Robert Rangel (VVAFT Director ),  Jim W Boyd ( VVAFT Treasurer & TSC Treasurer),
Victor Flores (Director), Al Navarro (Director) & Texas Vietnam Veterans News Assistant Editor & Photographer Susie Moreno.
Back Row (L-R):  Bill Meeks (VVAFT President & VVA National At-Large Director), Hal Thompson (Director),
Kerwin Stone (VVAFT Secretary & TSC Secretary & President Chapter 292), Luther Newberry (Director & TSC President),
Don Kennedy (VVAFT Vice President &  TSC VP), Greg Beck (Director & President Chapter 278), & Dennis Thomas (Director)

Host VVA Chapter 404 Borger, Texas
The VVAFT Board of Directors meeting was held at Frank Phillips College located behind the Holiday Inn Express Hotel.
The VVAFT Board of Directors meetings are always held in conjunction with the VVA Texas State Council Meetings. Besides the board of
directors there were some guests in attendance as well. (Guests: Larry Frazee-VVA National Treasurer, Allen Manuel-Region 7 Director,
Richard DeLong-VVA National At-Large Director, Tom Burke, Dennis Andras-Louisana State Council President, Bill Smith-Chapter 137,
Tony Chavira & Huberto Nevarez-VVA Chapter 574
VVAFT Board Directors Meeting in Borger, TX June 3,  2011
VVAFT Board of Directors Meeting - Beaumont, Texas February 11, 2011

Host VVA Chapter 292 Beaumont
The VVAFT Board of Directors meeting was held in the Board Room of the  
Ben J. Rogers Regional Visitors Center a short distance from the hotel.  This
the location of Chapter 292's All Veterans Memorial.  VVAFT made a donation
to the Chapter when they started the project.