Vietnam  Veterans  Assistance  Foundation  of  Texas,  Inc, (VVAFT)
    is  a  Texas-based Publicly  Supported  Charitable  Foundation a  509(a)(1)  under  IRS  Code 501(c)(3).
    Incorporated  in  the  State  of  Texas  on  March 14, 1997 (File #01437671010) and converted on November 23, 1997 to a
    Publicly Supported Charitable Foundation and is in good standing with the State of Texas,
    VVAFT  has  a  Federal  Tax  ID  Number  but  is  unwilling  to display  it  in  the public  domain.  
    If you need the Federal Tax  ID # or a copy of I.R.S. Form 990 please  contact  the VVAFT President
    whose address and phone number are listed on the Home Page & Board of Directors Page.

    Vietnam Veterans Assistance Foundation of Texas, Inc. (VVAFT) primarily  serves  as  a  non-profit-non-membership
    veterans  service  organization designed to help all veterans in  need,  and  to  support  the  service  programs  of  
    Vietnam  Veterans  of America (VVA) Texas  State  Council ( TSC) as well  as  helping  to  improve  our  communities.
    All of the members of VVAFT Board of Directors  are also members of VVA and/or VVA Texas State Council.  Our
    Officers and Board members serve at the local, state and national level of Vietnam Veterans of America.  Our president
    is the past vice president of the VVA Texas State Council. One of our board members and past VVAFT President is
    also the VVA National Secretary.  Our Treasurer is a past member of the VVA National Public Affairs Committee, served
    as the chair of a sub-committee as the VVA National Press Club Editor-in-Chief  and has been the editor of the Texas
    Vietnam Veterans News since 1999. The VVAFT Vice President is the also the President fo VVA Chapter 278. The
    VVAFT Secretary is also the VVA Texas State Council Vice President and is President of his VVA Chapter 292 and is a
    Corporate Attorney.  The VVA Texas State Council President is one of the founding members of VVAFT and is a
    member of the VVAFT Board of Directors and his chapter treasurer. Three of our directors also serve as Texas VVA
    Chapter Presidents.

    our VVAFT Officer are elected every two year in the odd numbered years . Positions on VVAFT's board of director are
    open every two years during the even number years.  VVAFT officers serve a two year term of office, the board of
    directors also serve a two year term however, our board is staggered to over lap the two year term of the elected
    officers so that there is never a problem with the entire board being new at any one time.
    To be considered to become a member of the VVAFT Board of Directors you have to be a member in good standing  
    with VVA in the State of Texas, submit your resume, a copy of your DD-214 and a signed SF-180.  After a review by     
    the current VVAFT Board you will be notified to come before the current Board of Directors to state why you should   
    be accepted on the board. However keep in mind that the number of directors is limited to nine (9) unless by motion
    and approval of board to increase the size of the board of directors.  Of the nine (9) current members of the current
    board five (5) members are founding members of VVAFT. The other four (4) have been added over the years.

    There is also two other positions on the board as non-voting members. The Texas Vietnam Veterans News Assistant  
    Editor and the VVA TSC President as a liaison between the TSC and VVAFT.  However, if the TSC President is already
    an elected member of VVAFT as is the current situation, he has voting rights as a board member. However, this will not
    always be the case.  VVAFT and the TSC work hand-in-hand on issues pertaining to any veteran and that is the reason
    we have in our by-law that the elected TSC President, as a non-voting advisory member of the board of directors
    (except in the case sited above as the president was already sitting on the board as a voting member when he was
    elected as the TSC President).

    VVAFT  has  obtained  the  assistance  and  services  of  a  paid  professional  fund  raiser, to  assist in  our  fund  
    raising  program:
                                                        Associated Community Services, Inc.
                             23800 Ten Mile Road, Suite 200
                                      Southfield, MI 48032

  • Publish the "TEXAS VIETNAM VETERANS NEWS" - (a 36 page newspaper as a service for the VVA Texas State
    Council published two times a year and two electronic newsletters.)

  • Assist financially the VVA Texas State Council & Texas VVA Chapters

  • To assist financially ANY Texas veteran, veterans organizations, and veterans related activities on a case-by-case  
  • Issues to be considered but not limited to are the following: [Disabled, ill, needy, homeless veterans, families of the
    afore named veterans, and Education, Etc.]  (Individuals Use Individual Specific Assistance Form ONLY and NOT the

  • Support financially the VVA TSC Service Officer Program which helps veterans  file disability claims with the
    Department of Veterans Affairs.  VVA Service Officers aggressively advocate on behalf of the veteran with the
    Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

  • To seek full access to quality health care for veterans.

  • Create a positive public perception of Vietnam veterans.

  • Support the next generation of America's war veterans.

    Excerpts from the VVAFT Articles of Incorporation on file with the
    Texas Secretary of State - Corporation Commission
  • The  Corporation  shall  engage  in  any  lawful  act  or  activity  for  which  non-profit organizations  may  be     
    organized  under  the  provisions  of  the  Texas Non-Profit Corporation  Act.  
  • It  shall  be  organized  and  operated  exclusively  for  such  purposes  and  activities  as permitted  by Section  501 (c)
    (3)  of  the  Internal  Revenue  Code  of  1986  (or  the corresponding  provisions  of any  future  United  States  Internal   
    Revenue  law), including, but  not  limited  to,  the  following  purposes.  The corporation shall be organized and
    operated exclusively as a public charitable veterans service  organization to promote the  social  welfare  of  the  
    community,    assist  Texas disabled,  needy  and  homeless  veterans and  members  of  the  U.S.  Armed  Forces,   
    their  dependents,  widows  or  widowers,  and orphans  of  deceased  veterans,  and  provide  entertainment,  care  
    and  assistance  to hospitalized  veterans  or  members  of  the  U.S.  Armed  Forces;  carry  out  programs to  
    perpetuate the  memory  of  deceased  veterans  and  members  of  the  U.S.  Armed Forces and  comfort  their  
    survivors;  conduct  programs  for  religious,  charitable,  scientific, and educational activities  of  a  patriotic  nature,  
    and  provide  social  and  recreational  activities.
  • In furtherance of such purposes, the Corporation shall have the full power and authority:
  • To  publish, conduct, sponsor, promote and support publications, periodicals, lectures,seminars,  meetings and
    discussions on matters related to the forgoing purposes; The Corporation, generally, shall  assist  federal,  state  
    and  local  governments  and agencies  and  assisting  and  cooperating with said governments to lessen the
    burden and  to facilitate their services to assist veterans, their  families, their dependents, their widows, widowers
    and orphans.
  • To acquire or receive from any individual, firm, association, corporation, trust, foundation or any  governmental  
    subdivisions, unit or agency, by deed, gift, purchase, bequest, devise, appointment, or  otherwise, cash,      
    securities and other property tangible or intangible, real or personal, and to hold,  administer, manage, invest,
    reinvest, and disburse  the principal and income for the purposes hereof;
  • To receive and maintain a fund or funds, to invest or reinvest such fund or funds and to apply the income  and
    principal of any funds received to promote the goals and purposes set out herein; and
  • To perform all other acts necessary or incidental to the above and to do whatever is deemed necessary,  useful,
    advisable, or conductive, directly or indirectly, to carry out any of the purposes of the corporation,  as set forth in
    these Articles of Incorporation, including the exercise of all other powers and authority  enjoyed by non-profit
    corporations generally by virtue of the provisions of the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (within and subject to
    the limitations of  Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code).  The Corporation shall be neither organized nor
    operated for pecuniary gain or profit. No  part of the net  earnings of the Corporation shall inure to the benefit of,
    or be distributable to, any director, or officer of the Corporation, but the Corporation shall be authorized and
    empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in
    furtherance of the purposes as set forth  in  Article  Four.