VVAFT & TSC - President Bill Meeks, VVAFT & TSC Vice President Don Kennedy and TVVN Editor Jim W. Boyd attended the Amerasian
Conference in Arlington, Texas in 2004 and met some of the children fathered by Vietnam Veterans that came to the United State of which
only one had made contact with his father.
Amerasian Conference in Arlington, Texas

"VVA State Council Newspaper of the Year"
VVA Leadership Conference in Tucson, Arizona.
"The Texas Vietnam Veterans News" has received this
award 3 times in 2000-2002-2003 before becoming ineligible
to receive the award
In August 2003 at the VVA National Convention in
St. Louis, TVVN received the award for the 3rd time
and at that time Jim W. Boyd (TVVN Editor) was asked to
take over the position of VVA Press Club Editor-in-Chief
(a sub-committee of the VVA National Public Affairs Committee)
Since taking that position the "
Texas Vietnam Veterans News" has
not submitted the newspaper for the award in order to give other
state councils an opportunity to receive the award.  
Jim Boyd stepped down in August 2009
as the VVA Press Club Editor-in-Chief
Hilario Hernandez (former director), Jim Boyd (TVVN Editor-in-Chief),
Manny Carlos (former President & CEO)  with the "VVA State Newspaper of
the Year" Award at the 2002 VVA National Leadership Conference in
Tucson, Arizona - August 2002
VVAFT & the Texas State Council Provided over $26,000 in Disaster Relief funds during Hurricane Rita and Katrina to veterans  
in Texas and Louisiana as well as Texas VVA Chapters
Since forming in 1996 the VVAFT Board of Directors have supported the VVA Texas State Council and it's member Chapters in
the state of Texas.  As wells as providing Individual Specific Assistance to veterans in need in Texas
VVAFT provides a continuing grant to the VVA Texas State Council's Veterans Service Program
and to the AVVA Texas State Council
Below are some additional accomplishments
"Hug-A-Hero" - Daddy Doll Presentation
In June 2008 at the VVAFT Board of Directors meeting in Denton, Texas, the board members voted to support eight families
at Fort Hood, Texas who had a family member deployed in Iraq. VVAFT purchased eight gift certificates from the Hug-A-Hero organization.
VVAFT Vice President Don Kennedy and Treasurer Jim Boyd made the presentation of the gift certificates to two
of the eight families at Fort Hood.  Unfortunately due to work commitments and other commitments, the six other families could not attend
the presentation. They were delivered by Jim Boyd's daughter whose husband was also deployed to Iraq for 15 months. The Daddy Doll has
a photo of the deployed parent on the doll and a tape recorder with the voice of the deployed
parent on it so that the children can have something to remember their deployed parent.