Finding A New Career As A Veteran

For some veterans, it can be hard trying to find a new career path or even just a job. Some employers may be hesitant in hiring a veteran but shouldn’t be. In fact, veterans often make some of the best employees because they are usually cross-trained and have multiple strengths & skills. They also work well with a team, have experience with various tasks & responsibilities, and a sense of pride in the line of duty. That being said, what are some of the best jobs for veterans who are looking to branch out a little in their chosen career field

Paint Protection Expert – Vinyl wraps and paint protection film have become popular services in the vehicle enhancement & paint protection industry. Rick a paint protection film installation expert with, says that the job can be tedious and require a lot of precision and skill. As of now he has 3 veterans that work with him at his shop in Texas and says that they are 3 of his best employees. They take their time but they are efficient & also handle time management well. 

HVAC Technician – Many veterans have extensive experience in fixing different types of machines and units. Going into the field of heater & air conditioning system repair is another great job path for veterans. The pay is good, and those applying are within their element. Working with their hands and the mechanical aspects of machines could just be what some veterans are looking for.

Heavy Machine Operator – While this is not a job that suits all veterans, especially those who are suffering from PTSD, some really enjoy being in the field & operating machinery. While the loud noises and constant chaos can be too much for some, other veterans have found themselves going down a perfect career path for themselves that they really enjoy.

While these are just a few potential jobs or career paths for veterans there are a lot more options and opportunities available. Should you be looking for a job after active duty but are not sure where or how to start you can also seek the help of a veteran job recruitment center. There are also Veteran job fairs that take place & so many other resources that can be utilized to help find the right job for you or the veteran in your life.