Hydrotherapy For Veterans

Hydrotherapy For Veterans

As we discussed in our previous article, PTSD can affect people differently. It can also be seen in different symptoms and can be triggered in different ways. Understanding the veteran in your life and the way they suffer from PTSD can make all the difference when looking for therapy and relief.  Combat veterans come up against different risk factors when deploying and may develop PTSD, come in contact with different toxic chemicals, or even get severely hurt in the line of duty. Understanding the best way to treat their symptoms and ailments can really make a difference. Hydrotherapy, a long-used health remedy, can often help combat veterans in many different ways!

What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a long-used remedy to help ease common health issues by submerging the body in either a body of cold/hot water, depending on the ailment being treated. Heat tends to be the most common because it aids in the relief of many issues & provides incredible relaxation for tired muscles and minds. The buoyancy of the water helps to alleviate pressure and impact on sore joints, muscles, and bones. Hydrotherapy is recommended for 3 different common health issues in veterans And retail hot tub businesses, like Patiosplash.com, remote the sale of used hot tubs to lower the cost of securing a hydrotherapy tub and to help any veteran looking to find relief and relaxation.

Hydrotherapy – To Relieve 3 Common Veteran Health Issues

?Physical Pain – Many veterans suffer from physical pain due to being in the line of duty or being involved in some kind of accident. Many suffer from pain in their backs, shoulders, knees, etc. and their pain is chronic pain. Hydrotherapy helps increase blood flow and ease sore muscles, while buoyancy reduces weight and pressure. 

?Chemical Exposure – Many veterans also suffer long term effects from chemical exposure. One chemical in particular that veterans are often exposed to can cause heart and nerve damage. A minimum of 30 minutes of hydrotherapy helps to ease symptoms related to chemical exposure in veterans. 

?PTSD – the statistics state that 1 in 10 combat veterans will have developed PTSD after active duty. Hydrotherapy helps with relaxation and easing tension. The buoyancy of the water produces calming effects and can help to ease and calm the mind

Hydrotherapy is an all-natural way to help with many different pain and health-related issues in veterans and many other people. Should you be looking to try Hydrotherapy as a way of helping the veteran in your life, speak with your doctor and even veteran organizations in your area. They can often point you in the wy of hydrotherapy professionals. And if buying your own hot tub you may set up a hydrotherapy space in your home, but we encourage you to work with a professional on the proper techniques and safety measures.