The Benefits of Joining The Military

When it comes to joining the military there are many different reasons people decide to enlist. Whatever the reason may be, most people look to join the military and they choose the branch they join for their own personal reasons. That being said, the decision to serve in the armed forces some decide without a doubt instantly while others are left weighing their options & the pros and cons of joining. Not only does enlisting in the military give you a sense of honor and pride, but you are also selflessly serving your country and helping to keep it the Land of The Free! But there are many more benefits that come with joining the military than just that! 

Benefits of Joining The Military

  • Guaranteed Paycheck & Cash Bonuses Available
  • Excellent Education Benefits
  • Acquire Advanced/Specialty Training & Skills
  • 30 Day Paid Vacation – Annually
  • The Ability To Travel The World
  • Full/Part-Time Service Options
  • Health Care
  • Dental Care
  • Ability To Utilize Military Exchange & Commissary
  • Special Home Loans & Discounts 
  • Sense of Civil Duty, Honor & Patriotism
  • Highly Sought After Leadership Skills

The military provides enlistment bonuses, advanced enlistment pay opportunities, and special pay in addition to your base salary. With exceptional educational benefits, the military can help you pay for college and pay off school loans. The Forever GI Bill also is in place to help further enhance the educational benefits for veterans, servicemen, families, and survivors. 

Housing, room & board are also benefits that come with joining the military. While the housing does vary by rank, location, and family situation, all new recruits are able to live on base during basic training. From there servicemen and their families are offered modern housing in on-base housing communities. 

All in all, there are many great benefits that come with joining the military. Should you be looking to gather more information or speak to a recruitment officer it is best to find the nearest recruitment center near you. Talking with a skilled military professional may just help give you the insight you need into making the decision to become a part of the armed forces.